Earn Your Christian Ministry Degree

dIeFlZThe Christian Ministry degree is designed to prepare leaders. With the right tools and education, ministry leaders can maximize their effectiveness in churches, mission work, and even the business world. The biblical foundation of the Christian Ministry courses in the Degree Completion Program at Arizona Christian University gives students these necessary tools.

The core curriculum is focused on establishing a Christian worldview. This enables students to learn, prepare, and build upon the biblical foundation provided in the studies.


Picture2Students learning in the Christian Ministry program study a variety of biblical topics and practical ministry insights. Courses such as Biblical Interpretation, Life and Teaching of Jesus, and Pastoral Epistles dig deep into the Bible to offer a foundation on how to study the Word of God. On the other hand, courses such as Servant Leadership, Foundations of Christian Education, and Current Issues in Theology provide students with knowledge useful in ministering or pastoring to others.


Picture1The Christian Ministry degree at Arizona Christian University prepares students with the skills needed to fulfill God’s calling on their vocation. Whether the goal is to preach the gospel, pastor to others behind the scenes, or work in a non-profit ministry, courses such as Intercultural Studies, Principles of Teaching, and Management of Not-For-Profit Organizations prepare students with the ability to answer His call as a competent servant.


Picture3The Degree Completion Program enables students to take knowledge gained from the courses and build upon the experiences they have already gained in their lives. Students foster strong relationships and are encouraged by faculty and classmates working together toward the same goal. While they share experiences in learning and preparing, they build upon their individual perspectives.

lineThe learning, preparing, and building that occurs during the Degree Completion Program at Arizona Christian University helps Christian Ministry graduates use their biblical study tools to minister and pastor to others.

The Degree Completion Program also offers Business Administration and Behavioral Health degrees. Classes meet one night per week for five to six weeks at a time depending on the course. Students only take one class at a time in order to concentrate and learn the material well. Qualified applicants may even finish with a Bachelor’s Degree in as little as 20 months.

300x250 (2)Are you interested in learning more about the Degree Completion Program and how Arizona Christian can help you learn, prepare, and build? Take a look at our web pages or complete the form below. You can also contact our offices at 602-386-4118 to speak with Lisa Beaman.


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Director of the Degree Completion Program at Arizona Christian University
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